All partners at Paper Temple are experienced in administering estates of all sizes, and can advise on:

  • Advise you on the Intestacy Rules if the deceased did not leave a Will;

  • Advise on the terms of the Will;

  • Help identify the assets and liabilities in an estate;

  • Prepare the Probate application, including the appropriate inheritance tax return;

  • Liaise with HM Revenue & Customs regarding payment of tax;

  • Claim transferable nil rate bands;

  • Advise regarding the suitability of entering into a Deed of Variation;

  • Advise on the reporting of lifetime gifts for inheritance tax purposes;

  • Carry out tax-planning to mitigate any tax arising as part of the administration process;

  • Advise and assist with the distribution of the estate;

  • Provide a fixed-fee quotation where possible;

  • Our litigation department can advise on contentious probate and Will and estate disputes.


It is difficult to estimate accurately how long the administration will take, as we are dependent upon response from third parties, such as the financial institutions, HM Revenue & Customs and the Court.

The general law allows executors 12 months to complete the administration of the estate, which in most cases is very generous.  On average, simple estates are dealt with within 6-9 months.


Fees for probate depend on the size of the estate; the smaller and less complicated the estate, the lower the fees and vice versa.  For advice on costs, we will review the documents you hold in relation to the estate and provide an accurate estimate on the time and fees required.

At the beginning of every matter, we will set out in writing the services we will provide and the cost of the same.

Every estate is different, which is why we encourage you to contact us so we can provide an accurate estimate outlining a range of potential fees to make sure that you get the right amount of support to meet your individual circumstances.


We will update you regularly on your costs throughout the matter so you can stay in control.

Please contact us so that we can provide you with an individual quote based on your specific circumstances.

We appreciate that dealing with the aftermath of a death can be a difficult and sensitive time, whether you are the Executor of a Will or an administrator of affairs, especially when no Will has been left or there is uncertainty about where the last Will can be found.

Obtaining a grant of representation and dealing with the administration of an estate can be complicated; it can take several months to make sure everything is done properly.  At Paper Temple, we offer a complete estate administration service to deal with everything on your behalf, so that you don't have to worry about it.

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